Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meaningless Stat of the Week: 37-16-2

USC Football's All-Time Record vs. Oregon 

Stats are a big deal. Historically, the home run chase or a quest for the triple crown take precedent over mid-season wild card chases for many baseball fans and writers. Gamblers love their stats too. Any gambler worth his salt makes sure he knows a team's record against the spread before he bets on them. I understand the importance of these types of stats - one makes an otherwise boring sport a little more interesting, and the other helps a gambler better gauge what the oddsmakers think of certain teams.

It's the historical stats between two teams that ESPN loves to throw out that bother me. Besides showing that one school is historically better (there are a lot of better stats to show that as well... Pac-10 championships, National Championships, etc.), these numbers have virtually no bearing on this weekend's outcome. Who cares who won this match-up in 1960? Or 2005 for that matter; none of the guys that played in that game will suit up on Saturday. It's just dumb.

Here's a better stat: 45-38.

The Ducks holds on to beat a tough Trojan team. 

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